Regularly used in the unforgiving world of HD TV and film as well as for Bridal makeups,

the results are a smooth,natural looking foundation that really does last all day.





When we spray a product, we atomise it, making its particles so small they are invisible to the naked eye.

In makeup this enables very fine and even coverage while significantly quickening up the time it takes

to produce a perfect makeup base.





Silicone feels beautiful and luxurious on the skin and allows the skin to breathe, as it will not clog pores.

It also gives the makeup amazing durability. Silicone makes Airbase incredibly long lasting and waterproof.

As silicone is heat resistant you don't get shine through as you can with water or oil based makeups.

Airbase really does last all day - even in blizzard conditions! Topping up is a thing of the past!




Airbase simplifies and speeds up makeup application and has several added benefits.


Airbase contains:

Vitamin A: To temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines

Vitamin E: To moisturise and repair

Light Diffusing Properties - for that flawless look


Airbrushing ensures:

Reduced risk of cross contamination

Product is not forced into the pores

A fine and even coverage  




Spraying a silicone product enables perfect concealing of blemishes and tattoos.

The even, light coverage provided by the airbrush coupled with the coverage of silicone means that

Airbase covers port wine stains, blemishes, spots and rosacea.

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